Hyderabad zoo to reopen with restrictions from July 11

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Hyderabad zoo to reopen with restrictions from July 11

The Hyderabad zoo park will reopen with restrictions from July 11, authorities said. The zoo has remained closed since May 2. All visitors will have to mandatorily undergo thermal screening at the entry point for cold and fever, and those with symptoms of COVID-19 will be denied entry. The zoo has further advised children below 10 years and adults above 65 years of age against visiting the zoo particularly during weekends and public holidays when the park gets crowded.

All visitors and staff will have to wear face masks throughout. Entry without a face mask into the zoo will not be allowed, and violators will be imposed with a fine of Rs. 200. In case anyone gets into an argument regarding using face masks, they will be expelled from the zoo. The (Battery Operated Vehicles) BOVs and Toy Train shall run with 50% occupancy to facilitate social distancing norms, preventing the spread of novel coronavirus. 

“All the precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of visitors during their visit. However, the zoo administration shall not be held responsible for any COVID-19 infection that might occur subsequently. Therefore, extreme caution is advised,” the zoo said in a press statement.

The guidelines of the zoo reads: “The visitor shall move along the designated pathway only. For their own safety they are advised to avoid touching barricades and other surfaces so as to minimize chances of infection of any. The visitors shall use only the designated places marked for having food. Sanitizers have been installed at some places like Main Gate Entrances, All Ticket Counters, Wash Rooms etc., for public usage. Booking of Guest Houses is discontinued until further orders.”

The public areas in the zoo will be sanitised twice every day, the zoo said.

While most facilities would be open for visitors, some of them like the Safari Park Complex, Nocturnal Animal House, Reptile House, Aquarium, Fossil Museum, and Natural History Museum with poor ventilation will remain closed, zoo authorities said. 

Two days after the zoo was shut down on May 2, eight Asiatic lions in the zoo had tested positive for novel coronavirus. The animals recovered subsequently. 


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