Hyderabad woman harassed by mentally ill husband in Oman, family appeals to GOI for help

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Sheikh Mehraj, Father of victim Farheen Begum (Photo/ANI)
Sheikh Mehraj, Father of victim Farheen Begum (Photo/ANI)

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], January 8 (ANI): The family of a woman from Hyderabad has appealed to the government of India to help bring back their daughter from Oman after she was allegedly taken and harassed there by her mentally ill husband.

According to Fatima Begum, mother of the victim, her daughter realised the mental condition of her husband only after going to Oman post her marriage.

"My daughter's name is Farheen Begum. She was married to a man from Oman here in Hyderabad. After marriage, when she went to Muscat with him, she realised he is mentally ill. He beats her up and does not let her eat for two days at a time," she said.

Farheen's father Sheikh Mehraj said that the family was not aware of his son-in-law's mental health as the marriage was rushed by the agents who brought the marriage proposal.

"A Kazi and an agent brought the marriage proposal for my daughter. The match was fixed and within five days my daughter was married and flown to Oman. After a few days she reached Muscat, Farheen realised that her husband was mentally ill. He gets seizures and then beats her up," the father stated.

Both parents urged the government to help them in bringing their daughter back from Oman. (ANI)