Hyderabad Traffic Constable Runs 2 km to Clear Traffic Jam to Make Way for Ambulance, Earns Praise After Video Goes Viral

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Hyderabad, November 5: Netizens are in praise of a traffic constable in Hyderabad as he was seen running for nearly 2 km and clearing traffic for an ambulance to pass from the busy street. The video of traffic constable named G Babji went viral over social media on Wednesday with netizens hailing his gesture to help an unknown patient being taken to a hospital. The incident occurred on Monday during peak hours between Abids GPO Junction and Andhra Bank Koti in Hyderabad.

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The act of kindness came to light on Wednesday after a police official posted the video on Twitter. In the video, it is seen that the constable is running from GPO Junction towards Koti asking the bikers to make way for the ambulance. The video shows how he ran beyond jurisdiction of his police station to ensure the the patient was being taken to the hospital on time. Punjab Kid Accompanies Police to Tuition Teacher's House After Complaining Against Tutor For Taking Classes.

Here's the Video:

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The motorists on the way also praised Babji's effort as he showed his act of humanity and clapped for him. The constable also won laurels from his senior officers. He said the appreciation he received from people gave him immense satisfaction. "I am happy that I could clear the way for the ambulance to pass. I don't know who was the patient and which hospital he was being taken to," said Babji.