Hyderabad Student Helps with Last Rites of over 1800 Covid Victims across Religions

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At a time when India witnesses over 2,000 daily covid deaths, the situation at crematoriums has sent shocks to people over the past couple of months. Families have been turned away for lack of resources and space to perform the last rites of their kin who have died due to covid. However, many good samaritans from different walks of life, have come together to make the situation somewhat better in ways they can.

In one such recent incident, a final year B-tech student from Hyderabad has come forward to help people conduct the last rites of their loved ones, who succumbed to covid in Telangana. The young man, identified as Zeeshan Ali Khan along with other youths have conducted the last rites of over 1800 people in the state.

Part of NGO Youth Welfare Association, Zeeshan and his team members have helped people from different religion and said that it was difficult for him to stand the situation of bodies lying here and there while families helplessly searched for crematorium staff to conduct their last rites.

Speaking to ANI, Zeeshan said, “I could not watch people leave their loved ones unattended after their death because of a virus and I needed a platform to do something. That is why I have joined an organisation and have been serving since then.”

Zeeshan further mentioned that the volunteers from the organisation do the work free of cost. The organisation often pays for the crematorium charges in case the families are unable to afford it.

The man’s father is a medical representative and has expressed his contentment towards his son’s social work.

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