Hyderabad Police Arrest 2 Nigerians for Duping Movie Artist Online

The movie artist spoke to one of the accused woman on Facebook and WhatsApp before she started asking for money.

Two Nigerians, including a woman, have been arrested for duping a movie artist of Hyderabad, police said on Tuesday.

The police arrested the accused in New Delhi, where they were staying, and brought them to Hyderabad. They have been identified as Noberth Chukwuedo, (36), and AnemMuan Kim, (31).

The movie artist, whose identity has not been revealed by the police, had lodged a complaint in January that he was cheated by a woman who got in contact with him on Facebook.

He started chatting with the woman, who identified herself as Felicia Issac, regarding movies through WhatsApp.

She offered to give him money and asked him to come to London. When he replied that it was not possible and requested her to come to India, she agreed.

The woman sent him copies of her passport and ticket.

On January 20, she contacted him to inform that she had reached Delhi airport but the customs officials had fined her Rs 25,500 for excess luggage. On her request, he transferred the amount to a bank account.

After a couple of hours, she contacted him again to say that officials were demanding Customs Tax of Rs 50,000.

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He again transferred the amount to the bank account of NemMuan Kim. She later informed him that as all flights were full, she would be coming to Hyderabad the next day.

The next day, the movie artist received a phone call from one Likhitha, who introduced herself as a Customs official, stating Felicia had British currency and he has to pay Rs 1.20 lakh for her release.

He then realised that he was being cheated and approached the police.

(The story first appeared on The News Minute and has been republished with permission.)

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