Hyderabad man approaches human rights panel after woman's family objects to marriage

Hyderabad (Telangana), Jan 30 (ANI): 26-year-old, Mohammed Abdul Hunnain, who had converted to Islam from Christianity to marry a Muslim woman, has approached State Human Rights Commission after the woman's family allegedly did not give them permission to marry.

Bobbili Bhaskar, a Christian by birth had converted to Islam, and changed his name to Mohammed Abdul Hunnain, to marry the woman he had been in love for 11 years.

He told ANI, "I converted to Islam after her father asked me to do so. But later when I went to speak to her father, he refused, they thrashed me. I have not been able to contact her for the last 12 months, I don't even know if she is dead or alive. And that is why I have now approached State Human Rights Commission."

Abdul further added," I have requested her family to give me an opportunity to speak to her but they are not giving me any chance. I will not change my religion even if I don't get to marry my girlfriend. I will now follow the religion until my last breath."

Mohammed Abdul Hunnain has filed a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission against the woman's family. (ANI)