Hyderabad Doctors Attend Conference on Dengue as City Combats the Disease

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Futuristc Cities, on Thursday, organised a conference on ‘How can Hyderabad defeat Dengue’. The doctors who attended the round table conference suggested that it’s pertinent to make people aware about steps to prevent mosquito breeding and use of rapid diagnosis test coupled with doctors’ acumen to take preventive steps.

Dengue generally occurs in sub-tropical or tropical climate because this is the ideal climate for dengue mosquitoes to breed. An estimated 400 million dengue infections occur worldwide each year, with about 96 million resulting in illness. The main symptom of dengue is fever, which is often accompanied with nausea, vomiting, rash, aches and pains (eye pain, typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain)

The Hindu also reported that suggestions like psychological counselling for people who suffer from dengue and use of radio and television to create awareness among people about the disease were made.

Vasanth Kumar, a general physician, said that although rapid diagnosis test (RDT) gives results in a day, it is not considered a valid test to declare dengue. The Hindu also reported that the State health authorities have stressed that only MAC-ELISA test has to be conducted to confirm dengue and have advised doctors against using RDT for the purpose.

M Karuna, who has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on the spread of dengue disease in Telangana, has urged the State government to consider RDT and doctors’ acumen in taking preventive steps against the mosquito-borne disease. She also said that if early reporting of dengue cases was not encouraged, the officials would not get to know the magnitude of the problem to take preventive steps.

As per The Hindu's report, Vasuprada Karthik, a psychologist, talked about the state of the mind of people who are treated for dengue amidst the discourse of dengue prevention and treatment. She said those who have suffered from dengue experience anxiety and fear of death. Psychological counselling for such people was also suggested on the occasion.

She said if the patient is a child, the family members have to be counselled. Listing out the steps to be taken, Karuna Gopal, president of Futuristic Cities and chairperson of the round table conference, said Hyderabad needs additional 450 km of storm water drains. She said this is a solution to the problem of water not getting drained properly and creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

She said recommendations given by the doctors who attended the round table conference would be compiled and submitted to Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan.