Hyderabad Curbs Traffic in the City for Muharram Procession

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On the ninth day of Muharram, Muslims around the world will observe Ashura, a day of mourning. In Hyderabad, to regulate the smooth functioning of traffic amidst the processions, Hyderabad police commissioner, Anjani Kumar, has ordered traffic restrictions from 11 am to 9 pm on Tuesday, September 10.

Under the regulations, traffic towards Bibi ka Alawa at Sunargalli T Junction will be diverted towards Dabeerpura Darwaza and Ganganagar nala, Yakutpura side. In addition, the traffic towards Shaik Faiz Kaman will be diverted at Jabbar Hotel towards Dabeerpura Darwaza. Additionally, the traffic from Ethebar Chowk towards Bada Bazaar will be diverted to Kotla Alija or Purana Haveli.

As ordered by the Police Commissioner, when the procession will reach Ganganagar nala, traffic coming from Purani Haveli towards Etebar Chowk will be diverted towards Chatta Bazaar, Dabeerpura or SJ Rotary. Also, traffic from Moghalpura, Volta Hotel towards Etebar Chowk will be diverted at Bibi Bazaar crossroads towards either Paris Cafe or Talabkatta.

When the procession will reach Etebar Chowk, traffic from Mitti ka Sher and Madina towards Etebar Chowk will be diverted at Gulzar Houz towards Madina.

When procession will reach Kotla Alija, traffic from Moghalpura water tank side to Chowk Maidan Khan will be diverted at Hafez Danka mosque towards Paris Cafe or Bibi Bazaar.

When the procession will reach Charminar, the traffic from Shakkerkote to Gulzar Houz will be diverted at Mitti ka Sher Junction towards either Ghansi Bazaar or Chelapura. Also, the traffic from Nayapul towards Charminar will be diverted at Madina crossroad towards City College.

When the procession will reach Miralam Mandi, traffic from Chaderghat Rotary, Noorkhan Bazaar, Salarjung Museum and Shivaji Bridge towards Purani Haveli will be diverted at Salarjung Rotary towards Nayapul, Shivaji Bridge and Noorkhan Bazaar sides.

When the procession will reach Alawa Sartouq, traffic from Chaderghat Rotary towards Kali Khabar will be diverted towards Ranga Mahal or Koti via Chaderghat bridge.Also, the traffic from Gowliguda or Afzalgunj towards Salarjung Bridge will be diverted towards Afzalgunj and Gowliguda side.