Hyderabad based Techie develops 5M Mileage Boost for cars and bikes

Hyderabad (Telangana), July 06 (ANI): Amidst the fuel price hike, Hyderabad based Chief Technologist David Eshkol innovated 5M Mileage Booster for cars and bikes to help people in picking up their vehicle's mileage. He was working on this innovation since 2008. 5M is fuel neutral and brand neutral technology. It would help automobile owners to save cash on their daily diesel, petrol or CNG gas bills. It would also help in reducing the carbon footprint. Speaking to ANI, David Eshkol said, “This 5M Mileage boost is an innovation that is carried out on Vehicle engines without opening the engine itself. The developed machine of 5M Mileage Boost is connected to the vehicle engine through the intake manifold of the engine. After that the ultrasonic waves and gaseous plasma are then sent into the engine for a time being depending on the CC of the engine. He added, “He is looking for an established automatically entity to come forward and use this technology that would help them with not only an increased mileage but also with less carbon emission for their vehicles.”

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