Hyderabad: Another triple talaq case, woman divorced via Whatsapp

Ibraheem was married to Mudassir Ahmed Khan in February 2016 and she received a divorce message through Whatsapp in September 2016.

While a debate on triple talaq is on, one more case of divorce through Whatsapp has come in to light in Hyderabad. Badar Ibraheem, an MBA graduate was divorced by her husband through Whatsapp.

Ibraheem was married to Mudassir Ahmed Khan, a resident of Tolichowki in 2016. Khan works in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in an investment bank as a software analyst.

The couple got married on February 7, 2016 and Khan stayed in Hyderabad for 20 days with his wife. He left for Riyadh and everything between the couple was fine for 6 months. He regularly used to talk with his wife on phone. Suddenly in September 2016, Khan sent a message of talaq to Ibraheem on Whatsapp.

Seeing the message, she went to her in-laws house where her her father-in-law stopped her from entering the house. He told her that his son has given her talaaq and that the marriage was an accident.

Even when Ibraheem insisted on knowing the reason of divorce, the in-laws or her husband did not respond. But after few days, she received a talaaq nama issued along with a notice from the lawyer.

Ibraheem said they complained against her husband and in-laws but till now police did not take any action.

She is now demanding that government of India should bring a strict law against these type of people who are misusing triple talaaq. "This type of people should be jailed and court should not release them on bail," she added.

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