Husband Chops off Penis of Man Sexually Assaulting Wife in Ukraine, Faces 8 Years in Prison

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A man severed the penis of the man whom he caught sexually assaulting his wife in Ukraine. The 27-year-old husband was returning from a party in Shevchenkovo, in Ukraine’s eastern Kharkiv region, when the incident occurred.

His wife had left the party ten minutes before the husband at 1 am and was returning home. However, once, the husband reached his apartment’s building he heard some unusual sounds coming from the bushes.

Upon investigating, he found his wife being raped by a man, identified as Dmitry Ivchenko, 25.

According to reports, Ivchenko attacked the woman on her driveway, gagged her mouth and dragged her into the bushes. Upon finding his wife in danger, the enraged husband attacked Ivchenko and punched his head. He went on to sever his penis using a Swiss Army knife.

The screams of both Ivchenko as well as the woman brought neighbours to the streets. The next morning, the husband self-confessed to attacking Ivchenko in front of the cops.

The husband’s lawyer, Dmitry Spaskin told the local media that that husband lost the ability to control his actions. "He did not understand what he was doing," Spaskin told Daily Mail. Spaskin further added that the husband walked for 13 kilometers and reached a neighbouring village. He met a friend there and asked his friend to drop him at a police station.

Snizhana Vodolazska, a spokeswoman for Kupiansk Region Police Department confirmed that Ivchenko sneaked up on his victim and sexually assaulted her outside her home.

Police have charged the husband for causing grievous bodily harm and have placed him under house-arrest. Meanwhile, the accused has undergone a surgery at Shevchenko District Hospital.

The report further stated that husband could face up to eight years in prison if found guilty and the accused will be sentenced for five years of imprisonment.