When Hunger Strikes Amid a Pandemic: Scores of Migrants Loot Food, Water Bottles at Delhi Rly Station


It was once said that "a hungry man can’t see right or wrong. He just sees food." The quote holds premonition in a desperate scene that took place at Old Delhi Railway Station on Friday, when numerous hungry migrant workers were seen looting a push-cart of food and water cartons.

The cart was stopped at the platform by some men, and was crowded within minute by migrants desperate to get their hands on food, water, a report by NDTV states.

The cart had four cartons of snacks which included packed food products and water bottles. Workers were seen taking as much as they could carry, and some even snatched the food from others. After that, they ran away from the spot.

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No Railway officials or police officers were nearby to restore order. From the Old Delhi station, only Shramik Special are carrying out services, transporting migrant workers home amid Covid-19, the report states.

A heart-wrenching video of a starving man eating animal carcass on a highway surfaced on social media earlier this week. The video, which exposes the extent of the migrant crisis in the lockdown across the country, is believed to have been recorded somewhere on Delhi-Jaipur highway.

Meanwhile, several incidents of migrant workers going returning to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar being denied basic services and complaining of inordinate delays and unhygienic conditions on special Shramik trains have emerged in the last few days, leading to protests along the route.

Workers on board one such train that was coming from Bengaluru and was to run till Darbhanga in Bihar alleged that they were not given food or water during the journey which took three-four days, much longer than usual.

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