Humour stands out as memes on lockdown galore on social media

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Chennai, Mar 26 (PTI) 'Rest at home or Rest in Peace (RIP)', 'Dear God, please reboot 2020. It has a virus'.

These memes on social media are among the funny side of the otherwise hard times where the coronavirus threat has confined people to their homes following the nation-wide lockdown.

It is humour that is getting the citizens going, as memes and videos on COVID-19 are being shared viral on social media.

'We can meet in May if all stay put at home or shall meet in heaven' is another top pick among the scores of funny oneliners.

And if there is humour, Vadivelu cannot be left behind.

The ubiquitous cinema comedian, a houshold name among Tamils, may be a little away from the silver screen after ruling the roost for nearly a decade.

But he still provides fodder for meme creators just as his famous '#SaveNesamani' hastag trended last year, in a reference to his role in film 'Friends' where a hammer falls on the head of a contractor, portrayed by him.

The actor's popular comedy and expressions that left the audience in splits have now assumed the coronavirus avatar, with memes and videos used to both spread awareness and ensure a hearty laugh on the subject of virus.

While other memes and videos on and about coronavirus are also doing the rounds in the social media, it is Vadivelu who seems to be the reigning king among Tamil people.

Picture this, Vadivelu in a movie scene refuses to shake hands with an adversary out of fear. 'This is thalaivan's (boss') social distancing message,' says one video.

In another, he is being water boarded by policemen during an interrogation, with the actor dancing to a popular tune, and the accompanying message is 'remain clean, won't get infected by coronavirus.' Yet another meme has a sad-looking Vadivelu inside a lock-up, with a caption reading 'marie biscuit has 17 holes, while milk bikis has 45 squares. In 20 days, there is much to discover,' alluding to the 21-day lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stem the spread of the contagion.

Such comic relief is really welcome, C S Veeraraghavan, a senior citizen said.

'While we can't step out, there is an overload of TV which is boring after a point of time. I receive a number of such memes, especially those featuring Vadivelu, from various Whatsapp groups, and these are really funny and a change from the routine,' he said.

Incidentally, there are two dedicated comedy TV channels in Tamil which provide 24 hour-content, mostly being cinema clips, besides some humour shows.

What really stands out is that the meme content is in total sync with Vadivelu's expressions and acting, guaranteeing that much needed comic relief.

People's desperation due to the outbreak of COVID19 is seemingly so evident, that in one of the memes showing a movie still where the actor seeks a ride from a motorist, the caption says 'sir, can you drop me in 2019.' Many other creative memes on coronavirus are also being shared multiple times.

Sample this: 'Dear God, please reboot 2020. It has a virus'.

This meme perhaps takes the cake. A married man confined to home laments 'I was watching my wedding video.

Corona seems to be better.' PTI SA VS SHRI VS SHRI