Humble One: World's first SUV to run on solar energy

Dwaipayan Roy
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Humble One: World
Humble One: World

01 Apr 2021: Humble One: World's first SUV to run on solar energy

US-based start-up Humble Motors has revealed its Humble One concept car. It is the world's first SUV to run on solar energy.

The four-wheeler has a futuristic look and comes with photovoltaic cells instead of a glass roof that absorb sunlight and transform it into energy. It can seat four people and promises a range of 805km.

Here are more details.

Exteriors: The car sports a large blacked-out grille

The Humble One has an eye-catching design, featuring a sloping roofline, a massive blacked-out grille, and sleek headlights.

On the sides, it is flanked by four pillar-less doors, ORVMs, air scoops, and designer wheels. Inverted L-shaped taillights and a roof-mounted spoiler are available on the rear end.

The car has a length of over 5,000mm and tips the scales at 1,814kg.

Fact: Photovoltaic cells increase driving range by 96km per day

In Humble One, the 82.35-sqft of photovoltaic cells generate enough electricity to increase the driving range by roughly 96km every day. The car has a claimed power output of 1,020hp, a drag coefficient of 0.25, and a range of 805km with a fully-charged battery.

Interiors: It should have a tech-savvy cabin

Details related to the interiors of the Humble One are yet to be revealed. However, it should have a 4-seater cabin with auto climate control and a multifunctional steering wheel.

It should also house a touchscreen infotainment console with support for the latest connectivity facilities.

All standard safety options, including multiple airbags, ABS with EBD, and a rear-view camera are also expected.

Fact: Humble One: Pricing and availability

Production of the Humble One, which has received more than $20 million (roughly Rs. 146 crore) in reserved pre-orders, should commence in 2024, while deliveries might begin in 2025. As for the pocket-pinch, the car will start at $109,000 (approximately Rs. 80 lakh).