Humans of Modi’s Delhi Rally: What They Think of BJP’s 5-Year Rule

From saffron caps to Modi masks, from sarees with BJP logos to jackets pasted with Modi’s face, the iconic Ramlila Maidan was buzzing with Modi supporters on Wednesday, 8 May, as the Prime Minister addressed his maiden Delhi rally this election season.

After holding rallies in Haryana’s Fatehabad and Kurukshetra, Modi reached the national capital, where The Quint caught up with a range of people – farmers, women, businessmen, etc, to understand what they think the BJP or the Prime Minister has done in the past five years.

Here’s what they had to say.

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Suraj Singh, 31, Music teacher, New Delhi. 

“We have grown internationally. People used to say that nothing will happen of this country but now Japan, US, China everyone praises us. We might get entry into the UNSC soon.”

Sunil Yadav, 50, Advocate, New Delhi. 

“I don’t think he has done a lot in the employment sector, not seen much improvement. But he can still be given more time. He deserves it.”

Ramchandra Sehravat, 60, Farmer, Bakkarwala, New Delhi. 

“Modi has not done anything for the farmers here but has done some work elsewhere. This time it’s for Modi but if he doesn’t work, I will contest next time.”

Prem Tripathi, 44, Businessman, New Delhi. 

“Modi has done work for women safety here. He has done work in every sector. In the past five years, cases against women have reduced. He has provided a lot of facilities for women.”

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Suman Singh, 45, housewife, New Delhi. 

“Modi has done work for women’s safety. He did as much he could in five years, the onus is also on us. We trust him and not a coalition where there is no responsibility.”

Attpyaari, 65, housewife, Azadpur.

“I got my pension made under Congress. Haven’t got anything from this government. Nor has Azadpur. I got my Aadhar and PAN card made, but with a lot of struggle. I’ll still vote for him.”

Ravi Prajapati, 35, Electrician, New Delhi. 

“I received loan from his Jan Dhan Yojana in 2015 and was able to open my own shop. Now I have four more workers. He has done work in the employment sector as I have gained from it.”

Naveen Yadav, 31, Software Engineer, New Delhi.

“Our GDP is growing. Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, Ola are booming. People left their private jobs to join PSUs. For IT sector, they haven’t done much, but there is employment in India.”

Gautam Agarwal, 38, Khand Pramukh, IP extension, New Delhi. 

“We’ve received so much goodwill on the international front. Countries are supporting India. We’re in the top five GDPs. We have become a ‘sone ki chodhiya’ again.”

Seema Kapoor, 54, housewife, New Delhi.

“Through Ujjwala Yojana, there have been LPG connections. Through Jan Dhan, lower class has become aware. My maid also benefited from the schemes.”

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Harwinder Sinh Bhatia, 50, Krishnagar BJP president, New Delhi.

“Not a lot of mob lynchings have happened in these five years. They happened before also. We have a person to look up to. Unlike Rahul who makes ‘Aloo’ references.”

Parveen Virmani, 40, Businessman, New Delhi. 

“If they’ve given a ticket to Pragya Thakur, it’s their choice. The accusations against her are still not proven. Even Congress has a lot of criminals.”

Veer Singh Khare, 47, construction work, New Delhi. 

“The country has benefited from GST and Demo, earlier when we took goods from one place to another, it was so mismanaged and reckless. But with GST, it has changed.”

Mangal Sen Kaushik, 50, Haryana, ex-BSF serviceman. 

“He has done work on the national front. At least now we have the permission to do something like the Balakot strike, unlike before.”

Sanjay Kumar, 50, Rally worker, New Delhi.

“GST and Demo were good things. It did not affect the lower or middle class. These rich people who were hiding money in banks could not do it anymore.”

Jitendra Kumar, 35, Director JK Campus, New Delhi. 

“Charges against Pragya Thakur haven’t been proved. There are Congress leaders who have cases against them and aren’t ‘doodh ka dhula hua’ so why are they questioning?”

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