Human Rights Activist in Geneva tears into Pak on terrorism and human rights violations

While speaking to ANI, British Human Rights Activist Peter Tatchell said, "All the evidence from human rights offenders inside Pakistan and international rights organistation like human rights watch show that rights across Pakistan pieces stories of abduction, disappearance, torture, and extradition killing carried out by the Pakistani state and agencies. This is the clear violation of Pakistan own constitution as well as international human rights law." Speaking about spreading terrorism in South-Asia, he added, "Pakistan stand accused of funding or colluding with terrorism within its own state and exporting at abroad, the international community must take a stand. Pakistan is a rogue state until its seizes its human rights violations and its collusion with terrorism by cracking down fundamentalist extremist then international community should institute with economic sanction and break diplomatic relations with Pakistan. There is no way Pakistan should receive military aid from country like Britain and United States that aid has to stop because it is complicit in human rights abuses against Pakistani people."