Huawei could launch its upcoming smart TV with its proprietary HongMengOS

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Google has given back the Android license back to Huawei, but that hasn't deterred the Chinese smartphone giant to stop working on its own operating system called HongMengOS. As a matter of fact, the company has reportedly said that the company's first Smart TV will be powered by HongMeng.

As per a Chinese news outlet, the first smart TV from Huawei could be launched somewhere in August. Huawei is aiming to make this smart TV the hub for controlling all internet-connected devices at home.

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HongMengOS is currently only in the developmental stage and should be made available in the coming months. The new operating system will be running on a wide variety of devices which includes the likes of routers, network switches, tablets, computers and data centres. It will basically be a single operating system which can be accessed seamlessly across multiple devices, much like what Google's secretive Fuchsia OS is all about.

Huawei has claimed that its HongMeng OS is about 60 percent faster than Android and is also significantly faster than macOS.

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