Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina being physically assaulted by family, has reached out to Kangana, alleges Rangoli

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Sunaina admitted to think Kangana as her helping hand in time of need and revealed that the two were friends before, who grew apart due to the controversy of the actor with her family.

In a major development in the much-reported row between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, Sunaina Roshan has announced that she supports the Manikarnika star. Sunaina, daughter of filmmaker Rakesh Roshan and sister of actor Hrithik, has been the subject of a spate of controversies recently, after reports of her being treated for bipolar disorder emerged.

While she did not provide any further details, she added, "living in hell continues."

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Kangana's sister Rangoli also tweeted out, alleging Sunaina is being physically assaulted by her family, and that she is asking for Kangana's help. Rangoli added that Hrithik has been trying to get Sunaina arrested because she loves a Muslim man from Delhi. Moreover, she said that she has all of Sunaina's messages and call recordings as evidence. >Here are Rangoli's tweets


Rangoli had previously claimed that Sunaina had apologised to the Ranaut siblings for not standing by Kangana while she was involved in a feud with Hrithik. In a series of tweets, Rangoli had also claimed that Sunaina's bipolar disorder rumour was originated by Hrithik's PR machinery.

Sunaina had also dismissed all reports of her suffering from bipolar disorder. "I have not been hospitalised, getting any kind of treatment, forget psychological. I also want to clarify that I am not under any medication. I was out partying with my friends on Sunday night at the Golf Club in Chembur," she told Pinkvilla in an interview. In the same interview, Sunaina had stated that her family has not been very supportive of her recently.

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