This is how Hrithik Roshan's role in Kaabil changed a college student's life

Suparno Sarkar
Did angry Hrithik Roshan go a little too far when a fan misbehaved? This is what the actor has to say

Hrithik Roshan, who played Rohan Bhatnagar in Kaabil, has changed the life of a college student who shared his character's name. A youngster from Ranchi wrote a letter to Hrithik, explaining how his role in the movie had an impact in his life. 

Rohan in the letter said he always wanted to change his name as he thought it was commonplace. He said his "special friend" also did not like the name much, but after Hrithik played the character of a blind man by the same name, everybody started taking a shine to his name.

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"Dear Hrithik, my name is Rohan Bhatnagar and I am a student from Ranchi. Yes, I am a real Rohan Bhatnagar. Let me clarify that I am not your fan. I see Hindi movies regularly and so do my family and friends. But this letter, if it ever reaches to you, is to thank you for something that you have unknowingly done for me.

"Since childhood I wished that my name was something else and not just a Rohan Bhatnagar. The fact that it's too commonplace was shared by almost everyone around me except for my parents who could hardly care about this feeling of mine. My special friend who loves me a lot and vice versa also once admitted that my name is boring. My friends usually call me Bhatnagar and I always wished they stopped doing that.

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"But since this January things have changed. Whenever my full name is being called there are smiles on people's faces. And yes my special friend too now seems to like it. It has become something special about me that I am called Rohan Bhatnagar, name of the character that you played in Kaabil. Everyone around me has loved this character and a part of that love is coming my way too. Thanks for making my name special. Thank you!," the college student said in the letter.

The letter had indeed reached Hrithik and his response was touching.

"I am realising the significance of playing Rohan Bhatnagar well after the release of the film. There is so much of love that this character seems to have generated. Every day I discover something more about its effect. I am also glad that people are making effort and reaching out to me in this manner," Hrithik said in a statement.

""As an actor we play a character and we ourselves don't know in what possible ways it will connect with people. I couldn't have thought of something like this. When our work lives amidst people and touches their lives in some manner, it is a matter of great satisfaction for an actor or for that matter for any creative person," he added.

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