Is Hrithik Roshan's Father-In-Law Sanjay Khan About To ADMIT To His Affair With Zeenat Aman?

The man is coming out with a biography titled My Best Mistakes, and it is said that it may put the spotlight on Sussanne Khan's separation from Hrithik Roshan. So, Sanjay Khan is a busy man putting things about his life in black and white.

But are we interested in that? Or are we ALSO interested in his roaring affair with India's sexiest lady in Bollywood, Zeenat Aman? And will he please clarify on the much-talked about incident where he and his wife Zarine were rumoured to have hit Zeenat so badly that she lost

Zeenat Aman And Sanjay Khan In Abdullah

Sanjayji, are you going to hide that and not term it as your mistake- best or worst?

Rewind: Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman had a passionate affair during the making of Abdullah in Jaisalmer in 1980. Both were immensely drawn towards each other, and Sanjay then was a married man with all his 3 kids- Farah, Simonne and Sussanne- growing up.

Sanjay Khan With Daughters Sussane And Farah

And oh, that party in Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai! Sanjay allegedly took Zeenat aside and beat her up mercilessly, lifting her by her hair and slapping her repeatedly. Zarine joined in and is said to have said: Give the bi**h what she deserves. (Late) Parmeshwar Godrej was privy to the beating. And it was days later that she was reported to have said: "How could any of us have intervened when he was behaving like a maniac?"

Zeenat was in bed for more than a week after this gory incident, with a doctor and a 24 hour nurse in attendance continuously. She was in an extreme state of shock and agony, and had to be injected with anti-depressants, thrice a day.

Zeenat Aman

However, Zeenat did not file a police complaint because she loved him and was even willing to forgive him. But he didn't come back to her.

It was even rumoured, prior to this incident, that she had married him. Reportedly, she had admitted in an interview,

Yes, I was married to Abbas (Sanjay's real name). I believed in the sanctity of my marriage. And all the time I was married to him, I have served him as a dutiful wife’, Zeenat was also once quoted saying.  "I was very naive and vulnerable at that time. It was a few weeks of madness, that's it."

Zeenat Aman

Life was never the same for Zeenat after this thrashing as she consequently lost a substantial amount of vision in one eye.

A lot has been written about them. But will Sanjay have the guts to talk about it finally?

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sanjay khan with daughters sussane and farah
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