HPCL participates in Saksham Cyclothon 2020

This year Saksham Cyclothon was conducted in 200 cities across the country in which HPCL participated in around 44 cities.

Saksham Cyclothon is India’s Premier Cyclothon, which aims to propagate the importance of fuel conservation and efficient energy utilization, amongst the citizens of our Nation. The Cyclothon aims to create awareness among the people about the fuel conservation, environment protection and promote the use of cycle for short distances, which will not only save fuel but also help in creating a greener environment and better health conditions.

Cycling provides economic and independent travel for those who might otherwise have their travel options restricted. It offers increased mobility to many groups of the population with low rates of car ownership, such as low income earners, unemployed people, seniors and those under 18 years of age. It renders multi-pronged benefit starting from health to environment, economic, social and transport benefits. Cycling is one of the non-mechanized modes of transport for short distances for day to day activities such as cycling to work, riding to nearby places etc. It contributes to the reduction of vehicular emissions by reducing congestion and improving traffic flow. It also propagates the message of reducing excessive dependency on oil.

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