House of Representatives investigating if President Trump lied to Robert Mueller

Washington D.C. [US], Nov 19 (ANI): The US House of Representatives is investigating whether President Donald Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller in written answers he provided in the Russia investigation, CNN reported. It quoted the House General Counsel as saying so in a federal court on Monday. CNN in its report stated that "former Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates testified that Trump and Stone had talked about information that was coming that could help the campaign in mid-2016, at a time when Stone was attempting to get secret details about stolen Democratic documents WikiLeaks had", contrary to what Trump told in his written statements to Mueller. The US President told Mueller in his statements that he didn't recall discussing WikiLeaks with Stone. The development comes days after Roger Stone, the former campaigner of US President Donald Trump and his longtime associate, was convicted of lying to Congress and several other charges. The Hill reported that Stone was convicted "of lying to Congress and witness tampering related to his efforts to feed the Trump campaign inside information about WikiLeaks in 2016." (ANI)

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