Hounded by Questions, Gurmehar Kaur Says Will ‘Not Enter Politics’

Do Gurmehar Kaur’s trolls represent what is actually out there waiting for everyone who dares to speak their mind?

Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of Kargil Martyr Mandeep Singh, who recently started a campaign #StudentsAgainstCorruption, was thrust into the limelight, after politicians and celebrities alike, attacked her for her “anti-national” stance.

From Union Minister Kiren Rijuju to Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij, many have criticised her and called her campaign politically motivated. However, the 20-year-old speaking to The Hindustan Times on Thursday, said, “she was saddened” that the issue had gained a political hue.”

Elaborating on her stance, Gurmehar said:

The issue on which I spoke, went out of hand. I would like to clarify that I do not want to enter politics...I just gave my opinion, and I never expected the whole thing to take such a turn. I had a really bad time. I am not in a state to talk about it, and I cannot take it anymore.

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A Lion Roars Only Once

Comparing herself to a “lion who roars only once”, Gurmehar said she wants to say nothing more to the ABVP.

I would be grateful if I were just left alone because neither me nor my family want to talk about it.

Her mother, Rajvinder Kaur, also asked the press to refrain from asking questions that will “disturb” Gurmehar.

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