Hounded for Being Covid-19 Positive, Madurai Man Allegedly Kills Self, Tests Negative Later

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Chennai: Hounded on his way to hospital and vilified on social media, a Madurai-based man apparently took his own life after locals adversely reacted to the possibility that he might have contracted the virus.

The 35-year-old, who had recently returned to a Madurai village from Kerala where he works as a labourer, later tested negative for the virus.

He was visiting his mother when he reportedly displayed symptoms such as cough and fatigue, associated with coronavirus.

Locals then alerted the police and state health department. As there was a delay in the arrival of the government ambulance, locals arranged a vehicle and ferried the man to the hospital.

Videos of him being taken to hospital, thus revealing his identity, went viral on social media.

His family claimed he was upset with being ostracised when he reached home later. Local reports said his body was recovered from a rail track near Kappalur tollgate between Madurai and Thirumangalam.

Tamil Nadu has registered 190 cases of Covid-19 related to the religious conference in Nizamuddin in Delhi.