Hot sauce is saving human lives in US nowadays… Interesting, isn’t it?

Shubham Ghosh

Washington, March 20: Hot sauce is not exactly something known for saving human life but a couple of instances in the US in the recent past can soon earn it such a tag.

Earlier in March, a man in Oregon who got trapped inside his car for five days during a snowstorm found himself alive because he had three packets of hot sauce in his vehicle to survive on. The man later acknowledged in a comment on Facebook that sauce ball indeed saves lives.

When the maker of the sauce heard about its product's life-saving, it gifted the man hot sauce for an entire year.

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Now, the second instance to confirm that hot sauce is indeed a life-saver. This incident happened in Winter Haven, Florida, last Saturday, March 16.

This time, another man got saved because of the hot sauce - not because he had nothing else to eat but because he had just moved away to fetch the sauce when a car rammed into the table in a restaurant where he was sitting!

It was just moments before the man moved from his place and saved his life, rather saved by the hot sauce or rather saved by his penchant for the hot sauce.

The local police told WTSP channel that the driver of the car, a 77-year-old man, and his wife were standing in front of the restaurant in their car before the crash. The man, named Emmanuel Akowuah, erroneously pressed the accelerator thinking that he was reversing the vehicle.

Winter Haven police told WTSPthis link opens in a new tab that the car driver, 77-year old Emmanuel Akowuah, and his wife were parked in front of the Taco Bell before the crash. Akowuah thought he was in reverse but was actually in drive when he accelerated the car. Police said nobody was hurt but the eatery building suffered considerable damage.

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