Hospital Declares Patient 'Dead', Man Turns Out to Be Alive in Bihar

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In a bizarre incident, a man admitted with a brain haemorrhage was declared dead by authorities at Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) and was also handed over a death certificate to his family.

40-year-old Chunnu Kumar who was admitted on April 3 at the Patna hospital and his relatives were told that he had passed away on Sunday due to Covid, ANI reported.

However, at the crematorium his relatives insisted on viewing the face of Kumar and were shocked to realise that the dead body was that of somebody else.

The relatives upon enquiry realised that Kumar was still in hospital and they had been handed over the body of another patient.

“Stern action will be taken against those found guilty,” PMCH superintendent Dr IS Thakur told news agency ANI.

The family of Kumar were furious at the entire incident and allege the hospital staff of negligence. “My whole family has tested negative for coronavirus. My husband has been nursing a broken leg for several days. He cannot move an inch, how could he test positive for the virus? Hospital is neglecting their patients, otherwise, how could they be mistaken?” Kavita, Kumar’s wife reportedly said.

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