Horoscope Today, 9 April 2021: Check Astrological Prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Other Signs

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Aries: Some inexplicable event will leave you perplexed today. You are likely to experience an unforeseen incident which will definitely make you assess things. If you are facing trouble meeting deadlines, talk about the importance of your work with those around you.

Taurus: You will remain anxious for most part of the day. Later in the day, you will face success at work. People will look up to you for your efficiency and will try to follow in your footsteps. Your efforts will be ratified with generous profits.

Gemini: Go for an out-of-court settlement in an ongoing legal matter if possible. You will need a lot of courage today. You may have to be stern with a few people so don’t back down from your decisions.

Cancer: You put your heart and soul in any endeavor you take up. However, if the results are not too forthcoming, don’t get dejected or anxious. You will receive your due sooner or later. Spend some time with your loved ones for emotional satisfaction.

Leo: It takes courage at times to admit to your failures. But in the long run it establishes your credentials as a real person. It is human to make mistakes but it takes more from any individual to accept them.

Virgo: A renewed energy for life will bring a change in you. It is a great time to let people see your intelligent side. Your eminence will be apparent as you show them how things are meant to be done.

Libra: Today, you will be a people’s person. You want to spend time with close friends and family. Plus, your romantic life will take a leap today. As your fancy takes wings, your partner will find you irresistible. Make the most of this gift of a day.

Scorpio: A deluge of let-downs will shatter your confidence and rock your determination. Don’t let failures like these affect you as they are short-term. At work, your juniors may force you to take extreme measures.

Sagittarius: Kindness and compassion will be your mantra today. Being open-minded and frank will have its own advantages. You might also give your better half a patient ear which will make them feel great.

Capricorn: Your romantic nature will gain you a reputation today. You will have a hypnotic effect of sorts on your sweetheart. However, troubles are not far behind as your business competitors will try to berate your peace.

Aquarius: Today you may take some life changing decisions. You may finally make up your mind to buy a new home, change your job, or even get hitched. Unexpected profits can be contemplated. Reputation and rewards will help you remain committed/.

Pisces: You are a human after all and so you may make mistakes. Just be easy on yourself and be humble enough to admit them. Your affectionate personality will see you shine at taking care of the needs of your family members today.

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