Here is your horoscope for May 25, 2018


You give up secure business and professional situations to move into challenging opportunities and creative spaces for further growth. You can now allow all of life's colours to penetrate you to become enriched and integrated. A happy surprise awaits you. Lucky number 12. Colour white.


Certain happenings can throw you to begin with but prove to be gainful in the long run. Redecorating home and office spaces can bring fresh ambiance. Inner priorities and attitudes are likely to be transformed. Laughter and celebration are therapeutic today. Lucky number 16. Colour red.


Professional aspects are fortified with fresh opportunities and goodwill. Relationships flower into commitments. Despite the fact that there is professional and personal stability continue being creative and infusing energy in projects and relationships. Lucky number 10. Colour red.


People and forces around can influence you, as you are open and receptive. Avoid being dependent on family and associates but work in harmony to achieve success for yourself and the whole. Sensitivity and intuition are the qualities that shine forth now. Lucky number 6. Colour blue.


Lack of persistence can lead to disruption and disarray. Negative attitudes lead to stress rather than give you clarity or direction. Calm down, take one step at a time and think positively to achieve your goals. Two separate issues demand your attention. Lucky number 8. Colour white.


You give and receive much love and attention from friends. Being receptive, you attract some prestigious opportunities and interesting people. You start a new business project while rejuvenating an old one. Beware of over indulgence in food or drink. Lucky number 2. Colour yellow.


You express yourself avidly but lack the energy to follow through with action. End of the day finds you more stable and productive. Personal relationships are a silver lining in a cloudy sky. Beware of a fanatic young man who could be harsh and malicious. Lucky number 4. Colour green.


A logical approach is necessary to arrive at your objectives. Stick to your own plans rather than be confused by others. Don't allow emotions to come in the way of professional decisions. Awareness and balance need to be maintained in work and leisure. Lucky number 6. Colour blue.


You function in an individual capacity and make decisions. Hold meaningful relationships close to your heart and avoid superficiality. An associate may want to retire from participation in your business. You are blessed with wisdom and inspiration. Lucky number 9. Colour red.


Get a distance on difficult situations and allow space and time for balance to be regained. Relationships are especially loving. Inner reflection and introspection give you insight into matters of the head and heart. Ignore and avoid cruel gossip. Lucky number 10. Colour saffron.


You are creative and aesthetic with an ability to transform people and situations. A gainful collaboration is on the cards! Personal relationships need to be handled with tender, loving care as emotions are fragile and your partner is in a pensive mood. Lucky number 8. Colour pink.


You may taste temporary victory in a situation but need to push it further. You can be restless and unhappy when people around you are not supportive. A journey to pay wandering visits to friends changes your energy and mood. Take care of health. Lucky number 8. Colour white.