Here is your horoscope for June 22, 2018


You torture yourself endlessly by imagining the worst, which is not happening. You are divided about certain issues and need to wait for clarity. Be aware of finances and health, and retain a balance in all areas of life. Relationships can be trusted. Lucky number 9. Colour yellow.


As inner attitudes, priorities and values change you manifest some changes outside. Look at your own truth and move into happy relationships and opportunities. Let go and allow this process of growth to make you stronger and available to new experiences. Lucky number 16. Colour red.


You are brilliant in professional ventures and make an impact in important meetings. You have the tiger by the tail as you take control of business and private affairs. A romantic involvement is likely to flower. Your enthusiasm is catching and endearing. Lucky number 4. Colour red.


You feel sacrificed to routines and decide to make changes, which involve giving up something to gain something better. Don't resist stepping out of secure yet dull routines as changes would be rejuvenating and a feeling of freedom would be wonderful. Lucky number 12. Colour cream.


Expansion and new opportunities are worth considering. People from far off places are likely to surprise you with a visit. You are full of enthusiasm as you make new beginnings at work and in personal relationships. You are blessed with spiritual insight. Lucky number 17. Colour blue.


Professional success and material gain are on the cards today! You use power to advantage when facing difficulties and blocks. Business transactions go smoothly since you invite trust and confidence. Personal relationships change from transitory to real. Lucky number 6. Colour pink.


You establish a foundation to grow and expand, on many levels today. You realize hopes for family as they do you proud. You are giving to friends and family. Relationships are supportive. You can count on two people in the work area to share your burden. Lucky number 3. Colour red.


Wealth, material prosperity and riches are on the cards. Completion of material or business projects brings good fortune but nothing beyond final solidification unless there is continued devotion to creativity. An older relative needs your attention. Lucky number 10. Colour green.


You may restructure schedules, travel plans and patterns today. You can expect major changes in professional and business aspects, which look destructive but lead to positive situations. Death and rebirth or endings and beginnings are on the cards! Lucky number 13. Colour crimson.


There is duality and division, as you need to deal with two situations at the same time. You can be frustrated, as some great ideas in which you invested time did not actualize. Be practical and realistic. Your heart gives you the best answers today. Lucky number 10. Colour blue.


You have great energy to achieve success in any project that you take on, be it personal or to do with business. You are adaptable in family situations and persistent in achieving goals. You attract a lot of interesting people with your communication. Lucky number 14. Colour green.


The Queen of Swords brings clarity of mind to deal with complicated situations today. You take away masks and defenses with your crystal clear mind. You are intensely perceptive and keenly observant, missing nothing in professional and personal aspects. Lucky number 7. Colour blue.