Here is your horoscope for July 18, 2018


Avoid intense strain with continued inaction as it only leads to loss of money and power. Professional opportunities should not be ignored but taken up as challenges. Anxiety can manifest a health problem. Labour and effort in any area bears fruit and reward. Lucky number 5. Colour blue.


Inception of new business projects or ventures is on the cards! A need for change in routines and schedules leads you to reassess situations, targets and responsibilities. Priorities need to be kept in mind as you meet new people and make fresh connections. Lucky number 6. Colour white.


Business picks up and good luck and positive changes enter your life. This is a good time to tackle difficult tasks as luck is on your side and people are open and receptive. A gamble pays off unexpectedly and a few interesting surprises are in store for you. Lucky number 10. Colour blue.


You come to a synthesis and the essence of the question itself when resolving an issue. You need to persevere patiently in professional matters and not be lazy in order to achieve success and financial gain. Old friends and new connections come together today. Lucky number 21. Colour blue.


Unpredictable events and happenings need to be viewed from a higher perspective today. Let go restricting relationships and work situations to move into a free and creative environment. Your friendships are deep and sensitive. A Scorpio person proves to be a friend. Lucky number 13. Colour red.


There is a feeling of satisfaction in established and loving relationships and friendships. Your expertise in professional and aesthetic fields is appreciated. You earn success through your achievement in a current business venture! New opportunities await you. Lucky number 10. Colour red.


You may not conform to norms so don't waste energy on trying to fit into patterns and fulfilling expectations. Guard against unreliable people at work, they could lead you into risky situations. Unexpected visitors and happenings could take you by surprise. Lucky number 13. Colour green.


You are relaxed at work, content at home, and open to opportunities. Women play positive roles in your life. You prove to be a wonderful, caring parent while children can be demanding and at the same time bring joy. Aesthetics and creativity are expressed. Lucky number 3. Colour pink.


Associates can be jealous and competitive in business as you shine in your field of activity. It's best to go beyond limitations and have a larger perspective rather than be content with present situations. You impress people with your charisma. Lucky number 2. Colour red.


This is a professionally and socially exciting time for you! People and institutions you respect connect and offer opportunities. Your gift of communication brings you closer to people who matter in business or in the family. Relationships are satisfying. Lucky number 14. Colour blue.


It is wise to be prudent in all areas of life today! Health and energy need to be conserved through a busy time at home and at work. Be careful when expressing feelings and emotions as others can misunderstand you or what you say. Relationships are precious. Lucky number 9. Colour crimson.


New ideas set the pace at work as you implement them with enthusiasm and determination. You make an impact in media with original and creative expression. You can expect a few pleasant surprises as the magic of life starts manifesting interesting situations. Lucky number 1. Colour blue.