Here is your horoscope for July 11, 2018


Success in a venture brings professional stability. You are sensitive and loyal; however, refrain from compromising your own values. Friends and loved ones support you through an ordeal. Good health and energy enable you to cope with multifarious activity. Lucky number 7. Colour royal blue.


The Empress brings happiness in your relationships; grace and beauty in your being and success at work! You are gracious in conflicts, which can disrupt travel, or business plans. Get in touch with relatives or your mother for a deeper insight into yourself. Lucky number 3. Colour pink.


Expectations bring disappointment today so it is best to take life as it comes and go with the flow. Don't wait for reward or appreciation but treat it as a gift when it comes in personal or professional aspects. Balance is advisable in relationships and business. Lucky number 5. Colour red.


Business arrangements are completed and settled according to your wishes. You are able to make peace in professional and personal conflicts with a giving attitude. Beware of pity and dissipation. Act and take independent decisions before an opportunity slips away. Lucky number 10. Colour red.


Everything you need to be happy and to feel luxurious is available to you! Professional success is blended with anxiety, as changes are imminent. You stand up for values and justice in the work area. Beware of going over the top while celebrating or entertaining. Lucky number 4. Colour pink.


You are a free spirit and all burdens from your heart disappear when you perceive life as non-serious and adopt a playful attitude. You invite loyalty and friendship by offering support. You attract interesting people and need to have priorities clearly listed. Lucky number 8. Colour purple.


You make unstable efforts to achieve your goals wait a while before putting any more energy into them. Do not undermine your confidence by thinking negatively and imagining the worst, as it is not happening. Relationships are loving. Rejuvenate your energy. Lucky number 5. Colour green.


You are intensely perceptive in professional ventures and don't miss any undercurrents or political games that go on. You are individualistic and not ready to make compromises. You can evaluate people and situations accurately but need to act graciously. Lucky number 6. Colour blue.


You can expect mood swings, ups and downs in business and fluctuations in finances today. Remain playful rather than heavy and serious in personal or professional situations or others can get heavier, even sinister. Stay in touch with your sense of humor. Lucky number 15. Colour red.


You give and receive much love and attention from friends and family today. Being receptive, you attract some prestigious opportunities and interesting people around you. You are happy and relaxed as there is balance and harmony at home and synergy at work. Lucky number 2. Colour yellow.


There can be temporary disruption at work and at home! Expected finances can be delayed causing anxiety. You may be separated from a loved one for a short period of time, which can make you unhappy. However, promises are fulfilled and relationships stay strong. Lucky number 3. Colour red.


You draw The Ace of Cups today as you find fulfillment in relationships and warmth in family situations. Express plans as you are received well by people who matter. You gain through goodwill and friendship in professional areas. Keep things uncomplicated. Lucky number 1. Colour pink.