Here is your horoscope for August 16, 2018


Messages and visitors can be expected. Business transactions and meetings can keep you busy. Some happy surprises in personal relationships add a silver lining to dark clouds. Loved ones bring celebration in your life. Brilliant ideas and minds inspire you. Lucky number 1. Colour blue.


You are perhaps somewhat preoccupied with professional affairs but manage to attend to loved ones with devotion and care. Beware of an avaricious, surly and petty man at work as he is jealous and tries to grasp your position. Physical activity keeps you fit. Lucky number 5. Colour red.


Some amazing changes and happenings can surprise you and those who care about you. Friends are supportive when you need them in this time of inner transformation and outer change. You finally get in touch with your natural self and decide to live your truth. Lucky number 11. Colour red.


Success and gain is on the cards! Deals and property matters can be concluded with some effort on your part. It's fine to make a compromise in an ongoing conflict and understand another person's point of view but don't cave in and betray your own truth. Lucky number 6. Colour pink.


The Wheel of Fortune spins in good luck, happiness and abundance today. The appearance of celestial phenomena suggests surprises and unexpected happenings in your professional and personal affairs. There is rejuvenation in all circumstances, go with the flow. Lucky number 10. Colour blue.


You are strong and fit to take on any challenges today. There is good luck attending material affairs as you resolve financial and legal problems. A trip is on the cards! Your mind is at rest as you complete projects after much strife. Trust your intuition. Lucky number 9. Colour red.


You stand in the doorway, going neither in nor out trying to make a choice. The cards say that heed your judgment in making assessments. Personal and romantic involvements may be difficult, but they have their satisfying moments. Make snap decisions. Lucky number 20. Colour red.


Your relationship is to be respected and treasured as it has withstood the test of tide and time. Balance in all areas is recommended and can be achieved. Meditate before taking the next step. Slow and steady wins the race today. A friend is indecisive. Lucky number 3. Colour silver.


You bring stability, abundance and well being for the family and yourself with discipline and understanding. You are likely to follow new diets and fitness programs. Beware of moods and over indulgence as friends gather around you to celebrate. Lucky number 8. Colour green.


You play a pivotal role in family affairs and corporate decisions. You can call upon past experience to aid you in this hour of intensity. You have a charismatic aura around you that enables you to achieve difficult tasks and get to important people. Lucky number 5. Colour orange.


You are matured and balanced to guide others and impart understanding about professional aspects. You enrich your own life and lives of others around you as you share your wisdom. Health and finances improve from now on. Take time off to relax. Lucky number 17. Colour gold.


Get a distance on difficult situations and allow space and time for balance to be regained. Relationships are especially loving and romantic. Inner reflection and introspection give you insight into matters of the head and heart. Ignore cruel gossip. Lucky number 10. Colour saffron.