Hope Navroz brings lasting peace, prosperity between Afghanistan, India, says envoy Mamundzay

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Afghanistan ambassador to India Farid Mamundzay
Afghanistan ambassador to India Farid Mamundzay

By Sahil Pandey

New Delhi [India], March 20 (ANI): In his first speech after assuming office, Afghanistan Ambassador to India Farid Mamundzay on the occasion of Navroz celebration wished for lasting peace between the two countries.

"Navroz promotes values of peace and harmony between generations and within communities as well as reconciliation in good neighbourliness. Navroz plays a major role in strengthening the ties based on mutual respect in ideals of peace and good friendliness. I hope this Navroz brings lasting peace and prosperity to Afghanistan and India," the Afghan envoy said.

Mamundzay also touched upon the topic of climate change saying," Celebration of Navroz mean affirmation of life in peace and harmony with nature. Through the spirit of Navroz, we can direct a lot of positive and important initiatives such as combating global warming, rising temperature. Its impact on India and Afghanistan in the region and beyond seems to be detrimental. Event of massive floods, drought, cyclones throughout the region and around the globe generate tough challenges for all of us."

Marking the significance of Navroz, the envoy suggested that Navroz is a day when many people around the world could contribute to the fight against global warming, by planting new trees.

"World planting program could remove 2/3rds of all emissions from human activities. By planting trees we support the earth's ecosystem, restore forests and give hope to a sustainable life for future generations," he added.

Today, the Afghanistan embassy in India celebrated the Navroz festival and on this occasion, a cultural program was organised where traditional and local folk dance and music of both countries were on display.

The chief guest for the event was Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations Dinesh Pattnaik. (ANI)