Honour Killing In Karnataka: Muslim Girl’s Family Brutally Kills Her And Dalit Boy In Front Of His Mother

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In a case involving honour killing in the Vijayapura district of North Karnataka on Tuesday (22 June), a Dalit boy and a Muslim girl were killed by the latter's family.

Both Basavaraj Madivalapaa Badiger (19) and Davalbi Bandagisab Tambad (18) were tied with a rope, got smashed on their heads and stabbed by the girl's family members.

Four persons – Davalbi's father Bandagisab Tambad (50), brother Daval (20), and two brothers-in-law Allasab (29) and Rafique Sab (24) – have been arrested, reports The Indian Express.

"According to the statements of the boy's family members and villagers, the girl's relatives saw the couple together in a field and informed her father. He, along with his son and other family members, then rushed to the field. They tied up the couple with a rope, smashed their heads with a rock and stabbed them," said Vijayapura Superintendent of Police Anupam Agarwal.

"We came to know that her family had tied Basavaraj to a tree, so we rushed there. I pleaded with them to let him go; they didn't listen to me and threatened me too. They stabbed them and smashed their heads with a rock in front of me," Dalit boy's mother Mallamma said.

"The girl's family members had warned Basavaraj and told him to leave Davalbi. They had also informed the boy's family about the relationship and allegedly threatened them," says the FIR.

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