'Honorary Brazilian' David Beckham & Ronaldo Agree on Charity Match to Help Fight Coronavirus

Abhimanyu Sen

One of the world's most celebrated footballers David Beckham has received high praise from his former teammate Ronaldo, who reminded him that the midfielder was the only Englishman who'd be picked for the Brazilian national team.

Ronaldo and Beckham played together at Real Madrid for four years with the duo combining together for some scintillating moments at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Catching up on an Instagram Live, the duo not only discussed Beckham's stature as an honorary Brazilian but also agreed to organise a friendly match between their teams to raise funds for the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We can do a friendly match after this (situation gets over). We can raise funds for people who need it… so we can talk about that,” Ronaldo was seen saying.

To which the former England international replied, “We should do that cause I think it’s important to raise as much money for the people who have been working every single day, trying to save lives… trying to do everything possible (being) away from their children, their family.”

“So I think it’s such an important part of what we can achieve especially with the clubs that we have been part of and the players we are talking about… I think to do something special is very important,” Beckham added.

Ronaldo said, “We will discuss this later when all this ends and everything comes to normal.”

According to Ronaldo, who scored 83 LaLiga goals in 127 games, also thanked Beckham for his pin-point assists.

He said: “For me, you were one of the best of all time in the centre, the way you touch the ball, could put the ball wherever you want, and without looking at me the ball would come.

“I should thank you for many balls you gave to me.

"You were amazing."

Beckham similarly returned the favour and thanked Ronaldo for helping him through the transition phase in Madrid after more than a decade in Manchester.

“When I moved from Manchester and I had been there my whole life, to move to Madrid was a big move for me.

“One of the first people that I ever saw was you, when you walked into the changing room it made me feel comfortable to be at the club.

“I remember you turning around to me and saying that the Brazil squad believed that if there was any English player that could play in the Brazilian team it would be me, but I never believed you!"

“Because Brazilian players are the best players! You know that.”