Hong Kong protesters clash with police at key campus battleground

Hong Kong: Hong Kong police fired tear gas on Sunday morning at protesters intent on keeping their stranglehold on a major tunnel as pro-democracy activists vowed to “squeeze the economy” into next week.

Hardliners occupying Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Kowloon - now a key battleground near the blocked Cross Tunnel Harbour - responded by throwing Molotov cocktails shortly before 10.30 am. Dozens of government supporters had gathered in the area earlier to clear barricades near the university campus, which was the scene of more violence overnight as riot police clashed with protesters.

Around 80 to 100 middle-aged residents clapped and cheered as they moved debris from the road near the entrance to the crucial Cross Harbour Tunnel to Hong Kong island - shut since Tuesday - before protesters in masks and their signature black t-shirts returned to rebuild the roadblock.

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