Honeypreet-Ram Rahim illicit relationship: Here are 7 shocking details revealed by ex-husband Vishwas Gupta

Sriparna Ghosh

While the Haryana police is searching for rape convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's adopted daughter Honeypreet Insan, her ex-husband Vishwas Gupta has accused Singh and his former wife of having an illicit relationship.

Ram Rahim Singh's ex-bodyguard reveals explosive details of his relationship with Honeypreet

Here are seven explosive details that Gupta revealed about his wife:

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1) It was Dera chief Singh who had got Gupta and Insan married. Singh had approached Gupta's family, who were staunch followers of the self-styled godman. Gupta and Insan got married in 1999, following which they started living in the same Dera campus where Singh lived.

2) Soon Singh said that he wanted to adopt Gupta's wife as his daughter. Gupta or his family raised no objection to Singh's proposal and Insan became the Godman's second daughter. However, Gupta has now alleged that the father-daughter status was a sham to fool followers and others.

"No legal adoption was done... It is all sham," he told reporters.

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"Which father makes his daughter sleep on his bed? She always used to be with him," Gupta told Zee News.

3) Gupta has also revealed that Ram Rahim made six couples play a game similar to "Bigg Boss" inside his Gufa. While the 12 people spent 28 days in the Big Boss-like house, the rest of the world was told that they were visiting foreign countries.

Honeypreet-Ram Rahim

4) Gupta said that Singh would not only give them tasks to perform as in "Big Boss,"  he would also punish the players for their mistakes. The punishment was spending a span of allotted time at Singh's room. Gupta told the media that his ex-wife would make mistakes on purpose in order to spend time with her father, during which the duo reportedly engaged in sexual acts.

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5) Even after the game was over, Insan continued to spend time with Singh.

"She never slept with me. Every night, she was with him (Ram Rahim). The sect chief virtually made me a captive and did not allow my (then) wife Honeypreet to come to me," Gupta told the reporters.

6) It was then that Gupta grew suspicious of his wife and her father. He told the media that one night he caught his former wife in an objectionable position with Ram Rahim inside his Sirsa den.

7) Though Gupta divorced Insan, he was threatened by Singh that his family and he would be harmed if he revealed anything. "The baba threatened to get me and my family eliminated if I uttered anything about what I had seen. My life was ruined," said Gupta. Gupta added that Ram Rahim also got him and his parents booked in a dowry case, and even ordered that he (Gupta) be eliminated. Gupta and his family left the Dera in July 2011 and shifted to Panchkula.

Vikash Gupta

Though Gupta answered all the questions asked by the reporters, he added that he still stands the chance of being killed owing to the press conference.

"Ram Rahim is very powerful, even though he is inside the jail. I do not know if you will see me after this press conference," Gupta claimed.

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