Homemade ATM! Boys Create Money Dispensing Machine on Tummy, Funny Video Goes Viral

Riddhi Jadhav

Children and their innocence can be very entertaining at times. Their curiosity and enthusiasm to try out new things while they understand the daily worldly things can leave you with a smile at most times. The internet has enough videos of children doing funny things and we have a recent addition to it which will definitely leave you in splits. A video of two children imitating the functioning of an ATM machine is going viral. Called as the 'homemade ATM,' this video shows children playing money in their tummy rolls. Father-Baby 'Girls Like You' Lip Sync Video Gets a Desi Parody! Watch Funny Spoof of the Viral Video. 

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By now we all know a little about the functioning of an ATM machine. Children may not have work there as such but they too are aware of how it works. And these two boys do it hilariously! One of the boys rolls a money note and puts it between his tummy roll. The other boy swipes a card on the chest and mockingly puts a pin on the boy's body and instantly the money comes from his tummy roll! Netizens are left LOL-ing at this rather innovative trick being played the children. Boy Photobombs His Parents' Proposal in The Funniest Way by Peeing in The Background! 

Check Video of Two Boys Creating a Homemade ATM

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Isn't it funny how funnily these children imitate an ATM? The video was first shared on Facebook and some Twitter user too shared it, making it go viral. People too could not stop laughing at the sheer stupidity or the innocence of these two boys. People were commenting and thanking the guys to make them laugh. While one of the users' commented, "My wife does the same with me, but the money disappears."