Homeless couple on verge of starving as lockdown halts means of livelihood

A destitute couple residing at Jantar Mantar is going through difficult times after the nation went under 21-days lockdown. The couple resides on road near Jantar Mantar in a makeshift tent and depends on daily wages. The woman is 8 months pregnant. Sapna said, "We had 1 kg of rice that we ate in past 3-4 days. We get Rs 50-100 by cleaning nearby area. We can't even go to work." Sanjay broke down while sharing health concerns of his heavily pregnant wife. He said, "We clean garbage and get Rs 50 or 100, to carry on our lives. The quota of food finished today, for future may god help us." Nationwide lockdown has put people in unorganised sector in grim situation. The administration is working relentlessly to provide food and shelter to such people.