Home remedies to keep hair woes at bay this monsoon

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Home remedies to keep hair woes at bay this monsoon
Home remedies to keep hair woes at bay this monsoon

11 Jul 2021: Home remedies to keep hair woes at bay this monsoon

The pluviophiles in us are the happiest during monsoons when the sense of peace experienced is beyond words. However, this season is not as promising for our hair as it causes hair loss, itchy scalp, and even turns the hair frizzy. So, if you are looking for hair care tips to follow during monsoons, read on to know some of the best practices.

Hair wash: Wash your hair thrice a week to prevent scalp infection

During monsoons, your hair may not be as sweaty and dirty as it is during summers. However, washing your hair twice a week is important to prevent fungal infection. Opt for an anti-frizz conditioner to keep frizzy hair at bay. While you may get tempted to use driers and straighteners, it's best to avoid styling tools to reduce further damage to the hair follicles.

Hair mask: Apply a nourishing hair mask once a week

Your hair might be increasingly dry and frizzy during monsoons, and applying a nourishing mask once a week will help in maintaining the moisture content. Mash two bananas with honey and apply the paste to the scalp and lengths of your hair. Rinse after an hour. This mask is effective in reducing split ends and hair fall and moisturizing the hair.

Diet: A monsoon friendly diet improves your mane as well

The food we eat has a direct impact on our hair. For a healthy mane during the monsoon season, it is important to have low-fat dairy products and other whole foods that are rich in iron and protein. Spinach, carrots, green veggies, curd, nuts, salmon, and eggs are a few of the many healthy foods that will help in maintaining good hair health.

Braid: The way you tie your hair matters too

You may be tempted to put up your hair into a bun or to simply let it loose. However, this can increase the risk of hair fall during the monsoons. The best way to keep your hair tangle-free and to manage it is by neatly braiding it. Not only is it neat to look at but it also avoids breakage of the hair.

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