Work from Home, No Outside Activities: Maharashtra Task Force's Advice to Government Amid Covid Surge

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Maharashtra recorded 35,952 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours and 111 Covid-related deaths even as the state has imposed several restrictions to bring the situation under control. But the cases have continued to rise.

Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray will hold a meeting with the district collectors on the situation in the state on Friday. Ahead of the meeting, the Maharashtra Task Force, set up in light of the pandemic, had made several recommendations to the government. Here’s what they have said:

— The task force has said that there is a second wave and a new mutant strain, that is more infectious and there is a problem of immune escape. This too could be a reason for a rise in the number of cases.

— The task force has sent recommendations based on two aspects: 1) controlling the pandemic and 2) ramping up vaccination.

— They have suggested that Covid-appropriate behaviour should be enforced by the law.

— They have also suggested ‘three T’s’ and ‘one I’ — test, trace treat and isolate . Since its difficult to keep youngsters at home, they should go under institutional quarantine or strict enforcement of home qurantine needs to be done

— Tracing of 30 contacts per Covid case in 24 hours.

— Avoid going out, if no work. Activities like people chit-chatting at road corners, morning and evening walkers can be stopped.

— Virtual use of office. Currently office spaces are capped at 50 percent but if those among the remaining 50 percent can also work from home, they should do so.

— If a person has symptoms, they shouldn’t ignore it, but should get tested.

— Vaccination drive needs to be scaled up. People within 18 and 45 years of age are the spreader group and hence it was recommended vaccination for all but there are constraints at the government level.

— The task force has said that there could be further rise in the number of cases in the next few days because of increased testing.