Home Minister Amit Shah in Chennai; Will ‘Bihar Formula’ help in Tamil Nadu assembly elections 2021?

With Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit, BJP has set a mission Tamil Nadu in motion and the party is doing everything that it can to represent the Bihar election scenario. Forging new alliances is something that is something one has to wait and see because it is not clear but what is certain and what it looks like is that BJP is willing to continue the existing alliance with AIADMK and that is their best chance at gaining a foothold in Tamil Nadu because AIADMK is the largest political party in the state and it will help them in growing in certain places like the Western, Southern and the strongholds of the AIADMK, several BJP leaders have pointed out the Bihar formula. Where the BJP aligned with ruling party JD(U) and now the BJP has grown in Bihar and JD(U) is the smaller player in the BJP alliance.