Hollyoaks to revisit Becca and Justin's controversial relationship in Hollyoaks@25 series

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Hollyoaks is set to revisit one of its most controversial storylines ever for its Hollyoaks@25 series.

The Channel 4 soap has been screening classic episodes from each era of its history in honour of its 25th anniversary while new episodes are off air – including Lisa Hunter's tragic self-harm storyline.

Next week will look back at Hollyoaks in 2006, to reexamine schoolteacher Becca Hayton (Ali Bastian) and student Justin Burton's (Chris Fountain) illicit relationship.

A week's worth of episodes will flashback to Becca's pregnancy, as she questions whether husband Jake Dean (Kevin Sacre) or Justin is the father of her child. By week's end, the truth will be out!

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Below are the synopses for each night:

Monday, August 10

Presenters: Amy Conachan and Jessica Fox

It's 2006 and teacher, Becca is pregnant. At school, she confides in potential father, Justin that she's bleeding after a student bumps into her. Justin takes Becca to the hospital, but dressed in his school uniform, the nurse mistakes him for her little brother. When everything is fine with the baby, Justin questions why Becca is still upset, but it's because she doesn't know who the father is – Justin or her husband, Jake. Justin wants a future with Becca but she tells him it can't happen – it's the end of the line for them. There's friction between Max and O.B. as Claire continues to get in the middle of the two best friends. O.B. warns Claire that Max will see what she's really like soon enough, but she's not worried.

Later, Claire's eyes light up when Max considers selling the family shop to focus on running The Loft, but O.B. thinks she's put the idea in his head and the friends argue again. Josh Ashworth is worried about his grandpa and wants him to move in with them, while Gilly is tasked with cooking dinner for the family tonight. Joe is hiding from a loan shark with Russ and Jeremy's help.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Tuesday, August 11

Becca doesn't feel up to going into work after her trip to the hospital yesterday, so Jake offers to spend the day with her. It's Nancy's birthday, but Nicole decides to tell her about Becca and Justin's affair. Nancy laughs off Nicole's claims, but storms off when she hears about the kiss.

Mel and Sophie ask their mum for a 21 st birthday party, but Liz is unsure, given Mel's battle with alcoholism. However, when she sees how hard Mel's working, she changes her mind. Meanwhile, Justin has locked himself in his room, leaving his mum and sisters questioning who's broken his heart.

Josh and Fletch smuggle Grandpa Bill out of the retirement home and hide him in Josh's bedroom. Joe barricades himself into his room before the loan shark returns. Jeremy, Jessica and Olivia lie that Joe has died suddenly, but have to prove it to wipe his debt.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Wednesday, August 12

Mel and Sophie are determined to find out who Justin is heartbroken over. He tells them that it's Becca, but they laugh in his face. Meanwhile, Nancy still doesn't know what to believe, until she sees Becca and Justin talking together at school. Becca chases after Nancy, pleading with her not to believe Nicole, but when they get home, Nicole and Hannah are waiting for them with Jake. Jake goes out for pizza and Nancy urges Becca to tell him the truth – before he finds out from someone Else… Mel just wants everything to be normal when her mum bans alcohol at their party.

The Ashworths are surprised when Grandpa Bill appears in the kitchen for breakfast. He wants to move into the family home, but Gilly worries that it's him who will have to make space if he does. Suzanne lets Bill stay for the weekend, but that's it.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Thursday, August 13

Mel struggles to resist temptation at the party, while Justin hopes that Becca might turn up. Elsewhere, Nicole urges Nancy to speak up about Becca and Justin's affair. In the village, Nancy confronts Justin. He's surprised to hear that Becca has admitted everything but when Nancy says that he was just a drunken mistake, Justin reveals that he and Becca slept together more than once. Jake sees the argument from the window and Becca covers. When Nancy realises that she missed out on seeing her dad for the last time because Becca took Justin away for the weekend, she sees red. Jake wants answers when the sisters start fighting and emotional Becca confesses to having an affair…

Neville is struggling to find a new retirement home for his dad, so Josh and Rhys think they should take a vote on him living with them permanently.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Friday, August 14

Jake demands to know who Becca has been sleeping with and she reveals that it's Justin. Elsewhere, Mel and Sophie's party is in full swing and Craig is trying to figure out who Justin's secret girl is. He doesn't have to wait long when Jake bursts into the Burton's home and punches Justin to the floor.

Everyone finds out that Becca and Justin have been sleeping together, but Justin pleads that they love each other. Back at home, Jake trashes the flat, while Frankie begs him to let her in. Nancy findsBecca crying in the alleyway, and Liz decides to phone the police about Jake attacking her son.

Becca returns home, but as Jake is telling her to leave, the police arrive and arrest him for assault. Max and Claire celebrate their engagement with Sean and Louise. Despite their bickering, it seems there's still a spark between the latter and Louise is upset when Sean reveals that their divorce should be final in a few weeks.

Hollyoaks@25 airs first-look episodes at 7pm on E4, with Channel 4 airing Monday through Fridays at 6.30pm.

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