This Holi, Wash off All That Mann Ka Mael

Come Holi and the internet is full of tips on how to protect your hair, skin and even material things like furniture and car. While it’s a good thing to take care of all these, it would also be great if you do something about that mann ka mael. Don’t worry, we are not going to get into ‘preachy’ mode and lecture on you something. In fact, we have a cool video from Ghadi Detergent that is going to do all that talking.

The best part about festivals is that they are as much about revelry and fun as they are about new beginnings. And as they say, it’s never too late to start. So this Holi, even as you play with all that rang, stop worrying about all things superficial. You can wash that colour off your skin, your hair will go back to what it was in a day or two and you can rid your car of all its stains. If there’s anything you should be worried about, it is your mann ka mael. And what better time than Holi to get rid of this. So make new beginnings this Holi and #SaareMaelDhoDaalo.