Holi in Nepal brings people together

People from various parts of Nepal, residing in Kathmandu and around the globe, today gathered in the area of Durbar Square to mark the festival of Holi. It is the first time we are experiencing Holi and I think it's a really-really nice occasion to meet the Nepali people on various occasions. The year of 2017, witnessed a large number of crowds in the historical area of Durbar Square in Kathmandu. People worship the "Chir", erected in the premises of the Durbar Square, which embarks the signal of arriving the Holi. The "Chir", which have pieces of multi colored clothes is the replica of all colors played at the time of Holi. It is erected a week before the day of Holi and is pulled down and burnt in the evening of the day to mark the ending. Celebrating Holi is one of the traditions of our country. We celebrate Holi for recreation as well as it also helps in preserving and continuing our culture. It is also the festival of colors and is also known as Falgun Purnima. This traditional culture of playing Holi is marked on two separate days in Nepal. The hilly and Himalayan districts of Nepal mark the day of Holi today whereas the Terai districts will be celebrating Holi tomorrow.