Holi 2019: 6 handy tips to take off colors naturally

Sagar Malik

Holi 2019: 6 handy tips to take off colors naturally

21 Mar 2019: Holi 2019: 6 handy tips to take off colors naturally

It's Holi! The long-awaited festival-of-colors has finally knocked our doors.

Filled with vibrant colors, amazing food, dancing and celebrations, the festival, however, also brings with it a small problem- your skin health might take a toll, given the unabashed splashing of colors.

So, here are 6 handy, post-Holi skin-care tips to help you take off colors naturally, as quickly as they got on you.

Pre-Holi care: A bit of pre-Holi wisdom

We understand that you can't wait to head out to play, but these pre-Holi tips will come handy later on.

1) Thoroughly apply a moisturizer (preferably almond/coconut oil) all over your body.

2) Apply sunscreen to stay safe from sun tan and burns.

3) Wear full, comfortable (preferably cotton) clothing.

4) Cut short your nails, and apply a dark-colored nail paint.

5) Stay hydrated.

#1: Use cold water to cleanse your face and body

As soon as you're done playing, greet the washroom.

Use cold water to thoroughly wash off colors from your face and body.

It is advisable to avoid warm water as it might prove counterproductive, by ending up solidifying the colors, instead of removing them.

Also, identify the stubborn patches that need further treatment.

#2,3: Apply a natural face pack; Avoid make up

Face pack: Use a natural, home-made face pack after the play to get the color off your face, and cleanse it well. Some good options to consider are turmeric and milk, curd and honey, green tea and aloe vera, among others.

Avoid make-up: Chemicals in your make-up kit might react with those in colors, leading to skin issues. So, limit or avoid wearing make-up.

#4: Wash, condition your hair

The Holi-colors might get into your hair, thereby ruining its health and look.

So, once you're done playing, wash and condition your hair.

To do so, apply an egg-yolk on your scalp and massage thoroughly (egg and curd will work too), and wash off with a mild shampoo after 30-45 minutes.

This will help remove colors, nourish the scalp, and soften your hair.

#5,6: Rub ice and moisturize

Rub ice: Wrap a couple of ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth, and use it to soothe the skin of your face and neck area. This will help protect your skin from sunburn and undue dryness.

Moisturize: Rest assured, stick to your usual cleansing routine after playing with colors is done with. Also, use a good-quality moisturizer to avoid skin dryness.