Holi 2017: Vastu tips to keep in mind while playing with colours this festive occasion

Parismita Goswami
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Holi 2017 is around the corner and as people prepare themselves to enjoy the festival with colours and drench themselves in coloured water, there are a majority of people who believe in celebrating Holi as per Vastu.

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Celebrity astrologer and vastu expert Jai Madaan has listed down 5 things to keep in mind during Holi:

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Burn away the negative traits:

Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi or Small Holi takes place on the eve of Holi. The tradition symbolises the triumph of good over evil. On this day, people can burn their negative traits like smoking or alcohol consumption and garner positive energies. All they need to do is write their problems on a piece of paper and let it burn in the holy flames.

Enhance the Venus:

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Planet Venus provides fame, luxury and material comfort. On Holi, the planet Venus is extremely strong and in order to enhance the Venus on Holi, people need to apply natural colours and flower extracts freshly made at home. One should also wear flowers around their neck, hair and wrists to enhance Venus.

Enhance the Moon and strengthen liquid cash:

The planet Moon brings mental peace and strength. It is the planet responsible for liquid cash. Wasting water is equivalent to wasting liquid cash, hence conserve water this Holi is recommended to enhance the moon. Also, since Holi falls on Purnima (full moon day), the effects are stronger.

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Enhance the Saturn:

Saturn is a planet that gives strength and success and rewards one for their hardwork and on Holi, lot of people indulge in drinking alcohol and bhang, which are intoxicants and should be avoided.

Color therapy:

Colors white, yellow and red are extremely powerful and positive on the day of Holi. One should wear white clothes and play holi as  it proves beneficial for mind and apply either red or yellow colour on forehead. Applying red boosts one's confidence, takes away fear from life while yellow colour creates more passion and increases one's ambition.

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