Holi 2017: Check out the Dos and Don'ts to stay safe on the festival of colours

Sushmita Sen
Holi, safety measures

The festival Holi is set to arrive on March 13 and people are all geared up to play with colours and water the entire day. Though the festival of colours brings great joy and fervour, it also invites skin damage, hair-fall, and infection to eyes, if proper measures are not taken.

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Though Holi is a festival of colours, the modern day metallic colours have turned out to be dangerous for skin and hair. One has to be really careful while celebrating this festival. In fact, most of the dermatologists advise playing only with organic colours nowadays. And of course, dry Holi is the best choice to save water.

Also, a very important thing while celebrating Holi is that it is being made for humans, not for animals. Kindly, take care of animal safety during this time and don't trouble them by applying colours or water on them. Stray dogs, especially, become victims on this day.

And, to protect yourself from the damage, check out some Dos and Don'ts to stay safe on this day:



Buy organic and natural colours

Don't play with eggs, mud or other metallic colours

Wear full sleeve and full-length clothes

Don't drag in people who don't want to play

Wear sunglasses or keep eye-protecting drops for emergency

Avoid roaming on streets while you have colour on your skin

Instead of oil, apply stay-on conditioner to the hair

Don't get a facial or colour your hair before Holi

Apply coconut oil all over your body and face

Avoid playing with strangers as you don't know what colours they are using

Use colours in diluted form

Avoid consuming  too much alcohol

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