Hodgson hopes 'world class' Ibrahimovic can stir England's own 'talisman' Rooney

London, Nov 16(ANI): Boss Roy Hodgson has branded Zlatan Ibrahimovic's performance against England during Sweden's 4-2 win in an international friendly in Stockholm as world class, and he now hopes the Paris Saint-Germain striker's spectacular fourth goal could encourage Three Lions striker Wayne Rooney.

Ibrahimovic's fourth goal during the game was a special blend of athleticism, opportunism and technique.

It was a 'work of art' in the apt description of Hodgson, who must have been quietly relieved as the focus on Ibrahimovic's brilliance reduced the forensic examination of England's shortcomings.

"There's no doubt Ibrahimovic is a world-class player," the Telegraph quoted Hodgson, as saying.

"He's shown it at every club he's been at, not least at Malmo in 2000 when I was at FC Copenhagen and went to watch him play. I've known for 12 years this is a world-class player. You don't win championships with Barcelona, Inter, Milan and Juventus unless you're something special," he added.

Asked whether England have an Ibrahimovic, Hodgson replied: "Well, Wayne Rooney is a top-class player. We have to hope he can produce top performances. I believe in Wayne Rooney very strongly, as of course do Manchester United." (ANI)