Hindus, Muslims throng shrine with religious fervour

Gulbarga, also known as Kalaburgi in former days, is well known for its architectural, historical and religious importance. It is also called as one of the Sufi cities having in its fold many famous religious sites which are spreading the message of unity and brotherhood. On such site is the Shrine of Mehboob Subhani Sani which is situated in the Niloor village of Gulbarga district in Karnataka. People from different religious communities flock this Shrine so as to get their wishes fulfilled. There are several small stalls selling flowers, Chadars, eatables and other material which are used for worshiping, situated outside the Shrine, making the place more colourful. Devotees usually buy the material for worshiping from these shops so as to offer it to the Shrine of Mehboob Subhani Sani. The Shrine also holds two URS annually in the name of the Saint, which is thronged by people of different states and religious communities. The Shrine has thus become a symbol of religious tolerance and draws people from different faiths leaving aside their differences in order to fulfil their personal wishes.